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2fc financial

Affiliate marketing and lead generation in the financial vertical.

2FC Financial Srl is an Italian limited liability company focused on bridging the gap between users and financial companies. We operate a user-centric business to connect individuals with financial services, leveraging technology and data-driven insights for better lead generation.


2FC Financial deals with the creation of websites and marketing campaigns to provide users with reliable information on investment solutions and thus generate leads for financial companies.

But there’s so much more we can do in the Finance and Fintech verticals in general. And we have just getting started.

Brokers' Ranking

We create the best and most popular brokers’ ranking in the industry.

Product Reviews

We create top-notch reviews to showcase the brands’ true potential.

Country Campaigns

We produce exclusive campaigns for specific products or in specific markets or countries.


We share our experience and insights on the financial niche with great pleasure.

Organic traffic

We spend dozens of hours creating content to increase our organic traffic for the highest possible conversion.

Brands Exposure

We design professional tools such as comparison and broker research tools to give brands new and increased exposure.

INVESTINGOAL is our biggest project to date, but we are growing fast and new performing websites will take off very soon. InvestinGoal is a comparison site specialized in brokers and platforms for trading in forex, CFDs, stocks, crypto, ETFs and fintech products. InvestinGoal is also a site of information, opinions and insights into the world of online trading, investing and fintech.


We not only connects businesses with targeted, high-quality leads, but also empowers consumers with tailored financial solutions. By choosing us, you’re not just making a decision for today; you’re investing in a future of growth, transparency, and success. Follow us to stay ahead in the financial world, where every connection counts towards building a prosperous tomorrow.

We believe that effectively serving both companies and consumers is the best way to grow this business.

2FC Financial in numbers

Behind every number at 2FC Financial lies a story of connection, growth, and success. Witness the powerful impact of our meticulous lead generation, where every figure represents a triumph in bridging financial companies with their ideal clients.

Numbers are not just statistics; they are the heartbeat of our commitment to forging meaningful, prosperous relationships in the financial world.

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